Solutions to assess and develop inclusive leaders at all levels

Our assessment and development solutions provide an individualized and scalable way to build more inclusive, effective leaders. Underpinned by the ILC framework™, 80 Acts of Inclusion™ and DEI Success Factors, these solutions help promote shared understanding, practical action, and drive systemic and sustainable change across an organization.

The 360 ILC

  • A statistically validated, multi-rater feedback tool to help leaders understand and strengthen their impact.
  • Includes individual and group reporting.
  • Option of 1-1, small group or self-managed debriefs, supplemented by our 80 Acts of Inclusion to support behavioral change.
  • 360 ILC Coach Certification program available.

ILC On-demand

  • On-demand, action-oriented programs for managers and individual contributors that build inclusive capability at scale. 
  • Includes our on-demand “Foundations of Inclusive Leadership” program for managers and “Inclusive Co-Worker Development” program for individual contributors.    
  • Programs incorporate our Self-Assessment tools and Acts of Inclusion resources to support self-reflection and action-planning.
  • Can be integrated into an organization’s own L&D programs. 

ILC Workshops

Interactive, facilitator led-workshops that build inclusive capability in a group setting and incorporate the Inclusive Leadership Self-Assessment for powerful insights and action-planning. Includes:

Leading Inclusively: The What and the How Workshop
  • Combines data and story-telling to help demystify inclusive leadership, promote self-reflection and drive accountability for concrete action. 
  • 1-hour facilitator led virtually or in person. 
  • Can be delivered to small to large leadership populations.
The Foundations of Inclusive Leadership Workshop
  • Introduces leaders to fundamental concepts relating to inclusion and inclusive leadership, as well as the everyday behaviors they can adopt to foster inclusion.
  • Incorporates the Inclusive Leadership Self-Assessment to help participants reflect on their own inclusive leadership effectiveness and create a practical action plan to address identified development areas.
  • 2-hours, facilitator led delivered virtually or in-person.
  • Facilitator certification program available.


Self-assessments for leaders, managers, and individual contributors, delivering personalized reports and tailored action plans at scale. Includes:

The Inclusive Leadership Self-Assessment (ILSA)
  • An abridged version of the statistically validated 360 ILC.
  • The ILSA allows leaders and managers to understand the behaviors that drive inclusion, reflect on their own Inclusive Leadership effectiveness, and commit to actions that will address their self-identified development gaps.
  • Can be incorporated into an organization’s own L&D programs.
The Inclusive Co-Worker Self-Assessment (ICSA)
  • The ICSA helps employees to understand what it means to be an inclusive colleague, to reflect on how they are showing up at work, and to create an practical action plan to behave more inclusively. 
  • Can be incorporated into an organization’s own L&D programs.

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