Our Comprehensive Solution to Inclusive Capability Development

Our suite of complementary assessment and development tools enable organizations at all levels of maturity to define, assess and develop inclusive leadership capability enterprise-wide. Specifically:


Inclusive Leadership Compass framework™

The Inclusive Leadership Compass framework™ defines what highly inclusive leaders do. It provides a clear, practical and comprehensive roadmap of competencies and interventions to help leaders role model inclusion on a day-to-day basis.


360 Inclusive Leadership Compass

Recommended for senior & other leaders

Inclusive Leadership Self-Assessment

Recommended for people managers

The IL Self-Assessment allows people managers to understand the behaviors that drive inclusion, reflect on their own inclusive leadership effectiveness, and commit to actions that will address their self-identified development gaps.

We recommend the Inclusive Leadership Self-Assessment be incorporated into the Foundations Workshop.

Individual Contributor Inclusion Self-Assessment

Recommended for employees without people management responsibilities

The Individual Contributor Inclusion Self-Assessment helps employees to understand what it means to be an inclusive colleague, to reflect on how they are showing up at work, and to identify actions they can take to behave more inclusively.

Organization-wide Inclusion Survey

Our Organization-wide Inclusion Survey helps leaders and other stakeholders to understand the experiences of people in the workplace, including disparities between different groups, and to use these insights to inform DE&I priorities and measure progress overtime.


Inclusive Leadership Foundations Workshop

Recommended for Leaders and People Managers

A 2-hour workshop, tailored to the group’s seniority and maturity, that introduces participants to critical concepts relating to Inclusive Leadership. It can be delivered prior to the 360 ILC process to help set the scene or, alternatively, the Inclusive Leadership Self-Assessment can be incorporated into the session to help participants begin the process of self-reflection.

A train-the-trainer delivery module is available for large leadership populations.

Inclusive Leadership Learning Modules

Recommended for Leaders

These modules typically follow the 360 ILC process, allowing participants to continue their development journey over a 3, 6 or 12-month period and can be supplemented with 1:1 or small group coaching.

A train-the-trainer delivery module is available for large leadership populations.

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