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Our solutions are used by a variety of organizations from Amazon to American Red Cross to Cornell University.

We assess & develop inclusive leadership capability at all levels.

Inclusion is one of the most important leadership attributes today – it helps teams and organizations identify new opportunities, protect against risks, and create equitable and engaging employee experiences.

Our assessment and development solutions help leaders at all levels to understand and strengthen their inclusive leadership effectiveness, providing a whole of organization approach to inclusive capability development.

The Inclusive Leadership Compass framework™

Our assessment and development solutions are grounded in the Inclusive Leadership Compass framework™ –      a data-driven model that resonates strongly with leaders.

Inclusive Leadership Compass

Our solutions

High performing teams and organizations require leaders who role model inclusion. Yet research shows that many leaders aren’t clear about what it means to lead inclusively and whether their current behaviors measure up. 

Our assessment and development solutions provide an individualized and scalable way to build more inclusive, effective leaders.  Underpinned by the Inclusive Leadership Compass framework™, 80 Acts of Inclusion™ and DEI Success Factors, these solutions help promote shared understanding, practical action, and drive systemic and sustainable change across an organization. 

The 360 ILC

  • A statistically validated 360 assessment tool that measures Inclusive Leadership effectiveness and identifies everyday actions to support behavioral change.
  • Includes 1-1 or peer group coaching.

ILC On-demand

  • An online learning platform providing individualized, action-oriented programs that build inclusive capability at scale.
  • Includes our flagship on-demand Foundations of Inclusive Leadership program.

ILC Workshops

  • Facilitator-led, interactive workshops that build inclusive capability in a group setting.
  • Includes our flagship Foundations of Inclusive Leadership workshop, incorporating either the 360 ILC or Inclusive Leadership Self-Assessment.


  • Self-assessments for leaders, managers, and individual contributors, delivering personalized reports and tailored action plans at scale.

Solution spotlight - The 360 ILC

The 360 ILC helps leaders to understand what inclusive leadership means, how inclusive others experience them to be, and practical actions they can take to be a more inclusive, effective leader. 

The Power of Inclusive Leadership


Inclusive leadership has a direct impact on an individual’s experience of inclusion.

45% of an employee’s experience of inclusion is explained by their manager’s inclusive leadership behaviors.



Inclusive leadership drives an inclusive culture.

At organizations where Inclusive Leadership is a focus, respondents are 1.7 times more likely than those at other organizations to feel very included.

McKinsey & Company


Inclusive leadership enhances team performance.

Teams with inclusive leaders are 17% more likely to report that they are high performing, 20% more likely to say they make high-quality decisions, and 29% more likely to report behaving collaboratively.


About us

Our mission is to help leaders, everywhere, be more inclusive.

Based on feedback from our clients, we understand the following to be some of the reasons why organizations choose to work with us:

Subject matter expertise

We are global thought leaders in DE&I, especially in the domain of inclusive leadership and inclusive organizations.

Innovative, practical and scalable solutions

Our innovative and engaging solutions are built for scaling across an organization, and draw on scientifically rigorous concepts, translated into everyday strategies and behaviors for leaders and individual employees.

Network of highly experienced coaches

Our global network of highly experienced executive coaches ensures leaders have access to our expertise and support in their local geography.

We’re excited to announce that Matt Krentz has joined the ILC as our Chief Advisor.

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